We Strive to Make Our Communities Thrive

TPI Staffing Employee, wearing a green sweatshirt, carries a tote bag.

Improving Lives

TPI is committed to help find work for everyone that we can. Aside from finding employment for those in need, we want to do everything we can to give back to the community that has helped us grow over the years. From canned food drives to charity fundraising, TPI participates in, hosts, and sponsors many local community events.

A TPI Staffing employee helps a customer at an event.

Thinking Local

As members of our community, TPI and our employees will do everything we can to help our neighbors in need. Our goal is to strengthen the local businesses that make our region so unique. Local businesses are at the core of every thriving community, so we strive to keep them strong by providing the best and brightest employees.

Veteran Friendly

TPI appreciates the heroic sacrifices made by our veterans and active servicemen & servicewomen. We hire Veterans because we recognize their honor, leadership and integrity that strengthens any business.

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