News & Media – The Importance of Community Outreach, From an Employer’s Perspective


The Importance of Community Outreach, From an Employer’s Perspective

By DAVID AQUINO, Marketing Manager

Community outreach is an essential tool for companies in maintaining brand relevance. It demonstrates the company’s personality and gives it a public face. Over time, this concept has shifted to some degree from recognition to responsibility.

TPi staff attending a job fair at Sugar River Valley Regional Technical Center.

Being an active member of your community is a noble undertaking for sure, but leveraging a commercial enterprise to improve the lives of those around you takes that responsibility to a new level.

As an employer, we’ve experienced numerous benefits firsthand attending community events throughout the year.

First, it helps keep our corporate image in a positive light, which can attract potential employers and candidates we service. When employees see their employer actively participating in community outreach, it gives them a sense of pride and satisfaction. This can contribute to higher employee engagement and increased productivity.

Potential employees often look for companies that align with their values. When they see an employer doing something beyond fulfilling common business interests, the company becomes more attractive. If hired, these employees are more likely to become advocates for the company’s mission.

Another benefit of community outreach is that it’s great for team building. Employees who participate in these events develop additional skills such as leadership, communication and problem-solving. Also, when the public sees in-person how unified a company’s staff is, people in that community become more inclined to apply for a job with that company.

These factors can lead to greater visibility and exposure for the employer. As the company becomes known for its community involvement, more potential customers may be drawn to their products or services. By investing time in their communities, employers contribute to the where they operate and are acknowledged for their efforts.

Outreach isn’t all about philanthropy; it’s about enhancing the relationship between job seeker, employer and community. It’s an essential aspect of being a responsible and successful employer in today’s highly social world.

This article originally appeared in the August 12, 2023 edition of Eagle Times.